How to Clean and Maintain Your Mattress!

by / Tuesday, 05 August 2014 / Published in Cleaning Tips, Latest posts

Many people have the false idea of believing that cleaning their mattress and pillows is a difficult thing to do or just plain impossible! Well the truth is both are indeed quite possible and pretty simple too!  Foam pillows are the only pillow you cannot wash because drying them will cause them to melt! Feel free to wash them but let them air dry!

Let’s start with your mattress, The first rule of thumb is to rotate or flip your mattress every six months to keep the padding and foam consistent throughout the mattress and to add more life to your mattress.

If you’re prone to staining and making a mess consider looking into a mattress pad. These waterproof mattress pads help cut down on stains and prevents dust and dust mites from inhibiting your mattress! This tiny change helps keep your mattress last longer and become easier to maintain.

Whenever you decide to rotate your mattress remove the dust on the surface with a vacuum. Be sure the nozzle is clean and slowly vacuum the crevices to eliminate any dust mites and dust.

If you get a stain on your mattress you can blot it up with a dry towel. After that use some dish soap or laundry detergent to clean the surface.

As far as your pillows remove the pillowcase and pillow protector. You will need to use the most gentle detergent you have and set your washer to a calm warm cycle at its largest capacity. Wash only two to three pillows at a time to make sure they all receive a thorough cleaning. Once the cycle is complete run it one more time through the rinse cycle to ensure all detergent has left the pillow.

Once your pillows are washed and all extra water has been squeezed out, go ahead and toss them in your dryer. Set the heat to low. If you wish to fluff your pillows back to their old self, put tennis balls in some socks and through them in!

With these simple steps your bed will feel brand new.

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